Mike Havig wins AANA pitch contest

mike Havig wins AANA pitch contest 2019


Founder: Michael Havig M.D.


Web: healthmedocs.com

HealthMe HealthMe gives medical practices a comprehensive self-pay solution. We create a custom self-pay marketplace for clinic visits and surgery on your practice's website. Fees are collected in advance and you are paid within 72 hours with no paperwork. 

Ziptek, LLC

Founder: William Bennett M.D.

Email: williamb@ziptekglobal.com

Web: zipteckglobal.com

logo ZipTek is a tissue repair device for rotator cuff repair, tricep repair, and achilles tendon repair


Founder: Alejandro Badia M.D.

Email: alejandro@orthonowcare.com

Web: orthonowcare.com


OrthoNow provides turn key orthopedic walk in clinics

Reviews From Friends

Founder: Will Kurtz M.D

Email: will@reviewsfromfriends.com

Web: reviewsfromfriends.com

Reviews from friends provides free patient to patient chat messaging on provider's websites.

Procedure Card

Founder: Lenita Williamson M.D. 


Web: procedurecard.com

ProcedureCard.com Procedure Card is a web based platform that offers a surgurical preference card management system


Founder: Paul Grutter M.D. 

Email: pgrutter@eorif.com

Web: eORIF.com 


eORIF.com is a web based ICD-10, CPT coding and orthopaedic information website

Tensor Surgical

Founder: Brett Sanders M.D. 

Email: contact@tensorsurgical.com

Web: TensorSurgical.com

Tensor Surgical provides a 

reusable transosseous tunneler for Arthroscopic RTC repair

SIGHT Medical

Founder: Vinod Dasa M.D. 

Email: info@sightmedical.com

Web: sightmedical.com

  Sight Medical provides automation of the last mile of medical device procurement and device implantation


Founder: Wesley Cox M.D. 


Web: flexxline.com


Flexxline provides a post-opertive shoulder immobilizer 

Smart Medical Devices

Founder: Jack Perry M.D. 

Email:  support@flexxline.com

Web: smartmeddevices.com


Smart Drill measures depth, density, screw strenth and stops plunge


Founder: Mike Griewe M.D. 

Email:  info@ortholive.com  

Web: ortholive.com 

 logo OrthoLive provides orthopedic specific telemedicine.


Founder:  Andrew Cooper M.D. 

Email:  info@jointpoint.com 

Web: jointpoint.com 

JointPoint Joint Point is software that uses intraop fluoroscopy to digitally measure cup position, leg length, and offset

Next Doc Solutions

Founder: Jay Crawford, M.D.

Email:  sales@nextdocsolutions.com

Web: nextdocsolutions.com

Next Doc Solutions

NextDoc prioritizes the incoming appointment queue based on predicted patient encounter value and physician preferences.  


Founder: Stephen Ritter, M.D.

Email:  hello@olio.health 

Web: olio.health

Olio Acute to Post-Acute Collaboration Platform Olio provides 

post acute care coordination


Founder: Bryan Huber, M.D.

Email:  steven@varis.es

Web: varis.es


Varises is perfecting the practice of surgery with the flight simulator for surgeons.


Which Docs

Founder: Kevin Shrock, M.D.


Web: whichdocs.com

Which Docs

Free, EMR indepenfent, patient referral management platform. 

Automated Clinical

Founder: Douglas Dew, M.D.


Web: automatedclinical.com

ACG's intelligence system of evidence based algorithms organizes the world's medical information making it useful and valuable at the point of care


Founder: Ranjan Sachdev, M.D.

Email: techservices@exscribe.com 

Web: exscribe.com

Exscribe Exscribe provides software to help orthopaedic surgeons document encounters easily and efficiently


Founder: Scott Sigman, M.D.


Web: ortholazer.com


MLS Laser Therapy clinic for the treatment and management of acute and chronic orthopedic conditions


Founder: Steven Bokshan, M.D.

Email:  steven.bokshan@gmail.com

Web: smartor.com

Offline voice recognition for a surgeon controlled Operating Room

Catalyst OrthoScience

Founder: Steve Goldberg, M.D.

Email:  drstevengoldberg@gmail.com

Web: catalystortho.com

Catalyst OrthoScience

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty system that is bone sparing, with more reproducible anatomic restoration and simplifies glenoid access